We'll turn your miami trip into an unforgettable experience

Planning a trip to Miami can be confusing and sometimes even intimidating. You see photos and videos of people getting bottle service at some of the best nightclubs in the world, getting access to pool parties, and dining at some of the best restaurants and wonder how.

Well, Miami is unique – it's not like Vegas. The best places aren’t Google-able and condensed into a strip. In fact, hanging around Ocean Drive and going to the venues at the top of your search results is a recipe for disaster. Miami is exclusive – it’s what we’re known for – and if you want to experience the best this city has to offer, you have to know where to go in the first place (and, of course, how to get in).

With over 15 years of cumulative experience in nightlife and hospitality in Miami, we are experts in the Miami scene and can help you turn your Miami trip into an unforgettable experience, helping you party at the top venues, regardless of your budget. Whether you're coming to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party or spring break, we can help you plan your entire trip, from nightclubs to restaurants to yachts.